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  • Stop Privatization of Hillsborough County Public School Services

    Privatization of public school services:
    No real savings, plenty of disruption and a bad deal for Hillsborough County

    A proposal to turn over custodial services in Hillsborough County Public Schools is under consideration by administrators and the school board. A request for proposals (RFP) has been generated and the school district is actively seeking bids. The stated purpose of this move is to save money, yet the costs associated with this shift will actually cost the school district more money.

    Privatization attempts don’t usually end up saving money. In the past, providers make promises to lower costs and even save money in the short term, but the costs always rise, leading the private provider to ask for more money, or pull out of their commitment altogether if no more money is forthcoming.

    We know by examples already set in Hillsborough County Schools that a private company can & will take its profits outside of the county and state, resulting in a net loss for the local economy. Right now HCPS has contracted services with a company based outside of the United States! Those who work in our schools now will see less in salary, reducing their spending power locally, while a private company that wins the contract for the same services may send its profits outside of the county.

    Another example that would present in the short term, would be the amount of money spent to buy out employees who choose to leave the district, which could easily wipe out whatever savings a private provider promises the school district. An even more expensive long term hidden cost would be the contractual requirement of transferring current employees to new positions within the district. This will be a cost we will explore and expose fully as proposals come in.

    If our current custodians continue their jobs with a for-profit contractor, they will see lower wages and reduced benefits. This will increase the strains on their families and will lead to further costs down the road for other county agencies as some workers will seek unemployment benefits, and the loss of insurance may shift health costs to the county.

    Will the school district monitor the terms of the contract? In the current contract HCPS has with Kelly Staffing Services, the company cannot provide the number of workers needed to fill positions and has proven to not provide the quality of in house service promised as seen in numerous media reports. It will cost the district time and money to closely monitor the contract to make sure any company awarded a privatization contract upholds its end of the bargain.

    Once a department is privatized, there is no turning back! When any department in our school district that is dependent on a significant amount of equipment, such as custodial services, is outsourced, it becomes nearly impossible to bring back the services in-house at a later date when the district realizes the true costs. The enormous capital costs associated with restocking equipment, tools, trucks, etc. and the cost to train new staff is typically impossible to fund and will never produce the quality service we have now. This fact is what contractors know will ensure long term contracts.

    This proposal is bad for our public schools and the children we serve, it’s bad for our local economy, it’s bad for our loyal school employees and it will end up costing more money than it saves.

    So, why are we doing this?


    Steve Cona (District 1) (813) 272-4052  Schools Represented
    Stacy Hahn  (District 2) 
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    Cindy Stuart (District 3)  
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    Mar 22, 2019
    Get the real answers to your questions about outsourcing custodians in our school district... What about your job? Why now? Hillsborough County Public School leaders have their answers, but while they are asking private companies, eager for multi millions in profits, HSEF has the TRUTH here!
    Download: Subcontrstacion - Preguntas y Respuestas.pdf , HSEF Subcontracting Custodial Services Q &A.pdf

    Mar 15, 2019
    What is happening? What does subcontracting custodial services mean? READ NOW the real FACT SHEET on Subcontracting Custodial Services in Hillsborough County Public Schools!
    Download: hoja de datos español.pdf , HSEF custodial Fact Sheet.pdf

    Mar 09, 2019
    Administrators and school board officials often cite one or more of the following myths as reasons to privatize a given service. Find out why these myths don’t hold up!
    Mar 09, 2019
    A list of talking points on Hillsborough County Privatization of Working Family Jobs
    Mar 08, 2019
    Hillsborough County School District custodial staff were informed Friday March 8, 2019 that their jobs could be taken over by a private company in the coming months. Learn the TRUTH ABOUT PRIVATIZATION!
    Mar 11, 2019
    Hillsborough County Public School has CLAIMED that the Gibson Report “found subcontracting custodial services could save our district millions of dollars”. THIS IS FALSE! Nowhere in the Gibson Report can a recommendation to subcontract custodial services be found (pg12-16). The report suggests formula & schedule adjustments as well as purchasing additional supplies, but DOES NOT RECOMMEND OUTSOURCING!

    Page Last Updated: Mar 22, 2019 (18:09:00)
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